Risk assessment for specific  COVID-19 situation, should be read in conjunction with Charity’s existing risk assessment (s).  In line with all risk assessments, it must by dynamic to reflect current risks both before & during the planned activity.

Hazard Identification

Who might be harmed?

Risk Mitigation Measures

Additional Controls

Spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) during an activity.

Primarily participants & leaders

Secondary parent/carers

Low risk - general public whilst in a public space

Communication of Activities and Safety Measures

The Charity shall communicate the DfE guidance and rules alongside it’s risk assessments and plans to all Charity Trustees and volunteers.

The Charity shall communicate all adopted safety measures via it’s website and email. In the event of the safety measures changing or being updated, the Charity shall adopt the latest UK Government guidance.

For participants, leaders shall communicate to parents/carers the requirements, guidelines and rules.

All participants (or parents/carers for those under 18) shall complete an additional consent form acknowledging and accepting the risk or COVID-19 and agreeing to measures to minimise it’s spread.

All parents/carers must commit to being available throughout the duration of the activity to collect their child at any time in the event of that young person becoming ill.

Each Centre will keep records of every activity, including the date, time and location as well a list of attendees should the need arise for this information to be used for the purpose of contact tracing (NHS Test and Trace).

The Charity data privacy notice updated to incorporate the sharing of data with NHS Test and Trace teams.

All participants shall be aware of the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Check in order to carry out a self-assessment prior to every training session and/or match.

Leaders must take a register of ALL participants for each session and must submit this information to their Centre to aid NHS Test and Trace.

COVID-19 Self-Assessment/Check

Prior to any activity, participants shall perform a COVID-19 Self-Assessment/Check. If a participant has any symptoms or fail any of the checks below then they MUST NOT attend: -

·         A high temperature (above 37.8C).

·         A new continuous cough.

·         Shortness of breath.

·         A sore throat

·         Loss of or a change of normal sense of taste and smell.

·         Feeling generally unwell.

·         Been in close contact/living with somebody who is suspected or has tested positive for COVID-19.

·         Has been required to self isolate or quarantine due to people they have been in contact with or places they have recently visited.

Communications sent before each activity

Briefing at the beginning of each activity




A group shall not consist of more than 30 people which includes all adult leaders.

There should be sufficient space between teams to avoid crowding.

The training should be in the outdoors.

When walking, there shall be a minimum of a 15-minute gap between the start of each teams’ arrival at the venue to avoid congregating.

Leaders must wipe down any equipment (maps/compasses etc) after each session with PPE equipment provided by the Centre and then leave equipment unused for 72 hours.

Leaders shall ensure social distancing (2 metres) is adhered to when conducting training talks.

Where a hut is onsite at a training venue, it can be used for shelter or a classroom session, sitting shoulder to shoulder & not face to face. When used, doors & windows must be left open & all participants & leaders must ensure social distancing is adhered to at all times.

Arrival and departure from each venue will remain the responsibility of the participant or their parent/carer if under age 18.

Toilet facilities to be available (sites which have them) and limited to one person at a time. Additional hygiene measures to be used, including hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds & use of hand sanitiser

Parent/carers to “drop off and collect” only and not to wait to see participants starting their activity.



Hygiene matters

Participants shall ensure they adopt rigorous hygiene measures including:

·         Frequent hand washing using soap or hand sanitiser for at least 20 seconds.

·         Wiping and cleaning of their own personal items and equipment, or surfaces they will be touching

·         Not sharing any personal items (e.g. water bottle) with members outside of their own household.

·         Keep the amount of objects and surfaces they touch to a minimum (particularly surfaces/objects frequently touched by other people).

Leaders shall: -

·         Adopt regular hygiene breaks to allow players to sanitise hands and/or disinfect equipment.

·         Ensure they have the necessary equipment to sanitise hands and disinfect equipment.

·         Carry a suitably equipped first aid kit.

The sharing of all personal items other than within their own household is prohibited.



Attendance Registers for Test and Trace

Leaders MUST ensure they keep a record of ALL participants for every activity .

Participants or their parent/carer MUST inform the activity leader immediately if they become symptomatic and test positive after recently attending an activity.

Consent for activities



First Aid, Safeguarding and Emergencies

DfE and Government safeguarding regulations remain a mandatory requirement.

For minor injuries or medical issues, where it is possible and safe to do so, participants should be encouraged to either treat themselves (blisters etc) or seek treatment from their parent/carer at the end of the activity.

In the event of a serious medical emergency or medical issue, leaders/first aider shall administer the necessary first aid whilst taking all precautions they can to minimise risk of contracting COVID-19.

Leaders are to read and familiarise themselves with the national guidance on administering first aid during COVID-19.

The Charity shall provide the activity leader with the following PPE:

Hand Sanitiser

Disinfectant Spray

Paper Towel

Disposable face masks and (latex free) gloves

Continual monitoring of PPE requirements shall occur, with low stock replenished and/or additional PPE items added if required.

Centre to nominate person to purchase PPE and make sure First Aid kits are replenished


Symptomatic Participants, Households and Vulnerable People

Any participant or their household must not participate or turn up to a training session if they are symptomatic. They must self-isolate in accordance with Government guidelines and must not return until the period of self-isolation has expired. Any participant who are in an at-risk group should continue to exercise caution and return to activities when they feel comfortable to do so. If a participant becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms, then they must inform the COVID-19 Safety Officer as soon as possible. Each Centre shall keep an attendance record of all activity sessions and their participants to aid with contact tracing (NHS Test and Trace) should the need arise.

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